UFC President Dana White Responds To Criticism Of EA Sports UFC 4 Fighter Ratings

EA Sports’ next UFC game — UFC 4 — is currently scheduled to be released on current-generation consoles later this month, and the developers recently released who will be in the game, as they revealed its top fighters. But, some fans aren’t happy about some of the fighter ratings, specifically Deiveson Figueiredo being rated higher than Tony Ferguson.

While speaking with Complex, UFC president Dana White defended the game’s fighter rankings while calling the disgruntled fans “crybabies,” saying that Figueiredo should have a better rating than Ferguson because the former is a world champion while the latter is not.

“Listen, to all the crybabies who are crying about that. The guy’s a world champion,” said the UFC president while speaking with Complex. “Controversial first fight. Zero controversy in the second fight. One of the most violent fights I have ever seen in my life, okay? Deal with it. The guy deserves it.”

EA Sports recently revealed that, unlike in past games, their upcoming UFC game will feature live roster updates, and they’ll be handled by former light heavyweight champion and current heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier. Also, the devs said that the roster and ratings will be updated after the conclusion of each fight card, and they’ll reflect the performance of each individual fighter.

Also, EA Sports has decided to ditch the numbered overall rating in favor of a star rating system, where fighter stats will be rated anywhere between one and five stars, with five stars being the best rating. In the game, there are only four fighters with a perfect five-star rating: women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, and women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko.

The developers also broke down the rating categories for their fighters.

    Punch Speed / Kick Speed – Punches and kicks are split in terms of their speed.Punch Power / Kick Power – Punches and kicks are split in terms of the damage they cause.Clinch Striking – Supporting the brand new clinch system.Ground Striking – Supporting the brand new ground and pound system.Cardio – Replaces strike stamina and ground stamina.Recovery – Replaces heart and toughness.

As of right now, EA Sports have said that they have no plans to release UFC 4 on next-generation consoles, as their upcoming game will only launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

EA Sports UFC 4 is currently scheduled to be released for current-generation consoles in less than a week, as it’ll drop on Friday, August 14.