Teresa Giudice Not Ready For A Serious Relationship After Joe Divorce Gets Finalized – Here’s Why!

After finalizing her divorce from Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice is officially a single woman! That being said, she is totally free to start looking for love again if she so desires.

Apparently, her pals have started to set her up on dates and she is ‘having fun!’

This is what a source tells HollywoodLife about Teresa Giudice rediscovering the dating world after her failed marriage of two decades!

But despite the setting up being quite fun, the insider also mentioned that the RHONJ star is ‘still healing’ in the aftermath of her and Joe’s separation being legalized.

In other words, the celeb may be enjoying the dates but when it comes to entering a rather serious relationship again, she is far from ready!

‘Teresa is having fun and flirting with some men but she is not dating anyone seriously. It will probably take time before it happens but her friends are trying to set her up. She feels weird about it because of her younger daughters, so maybe when they are a bit older. The girls aren’t ready for her to date and she is really busy with them and filming that it is just not at the top of her priority list,’ the source tells the news outlet.

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They went on to explain that ‘Maybe one day she will be open to a relationship and love again, but right now, she is still healing from the end of her marriage and focusing on herself. She’s in the best place she’s been in some time. The girls are doing well too and Gia being home so much has helped Teresa out a lot. She is able to get out and have fun and unwind.’

Apparently, Joe is not dating anyone seriously either and the two have been putting their four daughters in first place no matter what!