Russell Wilson Making Sure To Test For COVID-19 ‘All The Time’ To Protect Ciara And The Kids As He Gets Ready To Go Back On The NFL Court!

Russell Wilson would really love to return to the NFL this season but he also wants to make sure that he will not be spreading COVID-19 to his teammates or even to his family members! That being said, he has apparently been getting testing ‘all the time’ to ensure that doesn’t happen.

As fans may know, Russell Wilson is married to singer Ciara and the two share three kids and the man does not want to make any of them sick.

At the same time, he might be returning to court this NFL season and is super excited about it.

He also understands that there are some very strict precautions that he needs to take and is eing careful and responsible.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘When it comes to COVID and his family and his newborn, he is taking all precautions, getting tested all the time. The NFL also might be issuing new helmets to curb the spread of COVID, and he has been practicing with them just to make sure he would be ready for it if it comes his way. And if the NFL mandates him to wear it, he will. He is taking it all very seriously, and he is taking his job very seriously and he trusts that the Seahawks will keep him safe and his team safe.’

‘Ciara is well aware of the steps he is taking. They are a very close family and are very spiritual and know they have the backing from God,’ the source explained, adding that Russell ‘knows the reality of everything that is going on and will always continue to monitor it. Ciara knows that he is doing the right thing and she supports him playing and knows that he will keep their family safe.’

But playing again because he loves football is not the only reason why he wants to get back in the game.

Apparently, Russell also wants to be out there in order to be able to show support to the Black Lives Matter movement and other causes he cares about.