Paris Hilton Says She Doesn’t Hate Her Parents For Sending Her At Boarding School Where She Was Abused For Almost A Year!

Even though Paris Hilton’s parents were the ones who sent her to a boarding school when she was only 17 against her will and she ended up being badly abused there, the heiress does not blame them for what she went through. During a new interview, Paris explained why she is not angry at Kathy and Richard Hilton for what happened to her.

As you might know, Paris has been opening up about that school that she claims was abusing its students both physically and psychologically and she detailed that experience more than ever in her YouTube documentary titled This Is Paris.

When the film dropped yesterday, Paris also chatted with HollywoodLife, explaining why she never hated her parents for sending her there and more!

Paris spent no less than 11 months at that school, up until her 18th birthday in 1999.

Asked if she still resents her mom and dad for what happened to her, Paris responded that: ‘No, because it wasn’t their fault. They had no idea. The staff at these places [were] manipulat[ing] families, thinking your child is going to be safe and they had no clue.’

Apparently, they thought Provo Canyon School in Utah, which was supposed to be a place for troubled teens, ‘was a normal boarding school and a lot of parents just have no idea what is happening at these places, but there is serious abuse that is happening and it is happening today as well. When I was there and tried to tell them, the staff would hang up and punish me, take away phone privileges so I was not allowed to tell my family and if I tried to write a letter about it, they’d rip up the letter.’

Paris stressed that she and the other students were pretty much cut off from the outside world.

Then, when she was finally out of there, she promised herself not to ever talk about it again and pretend nothing happened.