Minecraft Mobs Explored: Skeleton Horsemen, The Skeleton Comes Equipped with Enchanted Bow and Enchanted Helmet

The Skeleton Horsemen is an interesting mob when compared to other mobs in Minecraft, and this is because the Skeleton Horsemen leave a Skeleton Horse out in the wild to lure the player closer to the spot where they spawn.

The Skeleton Horsemen was introduced back in the Combat Update for Minecraft, which was released back on February 29, 2016. This update also added the Shulkers to the game, which have spawned in the End cities.

To have these Skeleton Horsemen spawn, players need to get within ten blocks of the skeleton horse. After getting into that close proximity of the horse, lightning will strike it changing the harmless Skeleton horse mob to the Skeleton Horsemen and having three other Skeleton Horsemen who are all ready to fight the player with their enchanted bow.

An interesting fact about the Skeleton Horsemen is that right after they spawn, all the horsemen are entirely immune to damage for the first three seconds.

The Skeleton Horsemen follow nearly the same strategy as the normal Skeleton, but it moves much faster due to the added speed and maneuverability given the horse.

In addition to their enchanted bow, these Skeleton horsemen all come equipped with an enchanted helmet to make destroying them significantly harder when compared to destroying just the standard Skeleton.

On easy in Minecraft, the Skeleton horsemen have a total of seven and a half hearts while on normal in Minecraft, they have fifteen hearts, and on the Hard Difficulty in Minecraft, the Skeleton horsemen have a total of twenty-six hearts.

When destroyed, these Skeleton Horsemen can drop Bones, Iron Ingot, Bow, Arrow, and even can drop the helmet that they are wearing. Not only that, if the player kills just the Skeleton riding the horse, but they can also mount and ride the horse as is spawns as tamed.

Skeleton horses are a fantastic mount, and unlike standard horses, do not kick the player off if they go into deep water; instead, it keeps the player on even when on the ocean floor!

Skeleton Horsemens can spawn in a variety of versions, these options include the standard Skeleton, A stray skeleton, and the last version offers the Wither Skeleton riding the Skeleton Horse. Since there are three different versions of this mob, players will need to watch out!