Minecraft Mobs Explored: Polar Bear, The Bear That Will Protect Its Baby Cubs

The Polar Bear mob is relatively new to Minecraft, and The Polar Bear mob is by default a neutral mob that primarily live in the icy biomes that are located throughout your Minecraft world. Adult Polar bears will protect their cubs from anyone, including other mobs and the player, while both the Adult Polar bears and the Cubs feature the same model but at different sizes.

The Polar Bear can exist in all three states, as a Passive state, a Neutral state, or even a Hostile state. The babies often called the Cubs are always in a passive state while the adult Polar Bears are neutral until the Minecraft player gets near the Cub.

One interesting fact is that if a cub is attacked, all the adult Polar Bears within a 41 x 21 x 41 cuboid range immediately becomes hostile toward the attacker. While polar bears will protect the cubs, the nearby polar bears will also turn on you if you happen to attack an adult polar bear within a 21 x 21 x 21 cuboid range.

Polar bears seemingly have an aversion to foxes as in both they attack foxes in different ways, in the Java edition, adult polar bears attack any fox that stays near it for a while hitting the fox a single time. Also, in the Java version, Cubs will relentlessly attack foxes that happen to be within a 16 block radius. In the Bedrock Edition, the cubs don’t attack foxes; instead, the adult polar bears will relentlessly attack foxes that happen to be in a 16 block radius.

If a player does happen to make the Polar bear start to attack them, then getting away from the Polar Bear is incredibly tough to do if they are in the water since its swimming speed is equal to the player’s swimming speed.

After killing a Polar Bear, the Polar Bears have a 75% chance to drop up to two raw cod and 25% chance to drop up to two raw salmon. The dropped fish will always be raw even is the polar bear was on fire when it was killed. For experience, an adult polar bear drops up to three levels after being killed by the player.

Polar Bears cannot breed, and the Cubs’ growth cannot be sped up using any food currently found in Minecraft.