Minecraft Education Edition Allows The Player To Feel Like Wonder Woman From The New Film Wonder Woman 1984

Minecraft has often been used in a variety of learning methods, ranging from a simple training camp to even recreating a 5,000-year-old welsh tomb. Some of these training camps focus on a single skill that players may want to develop; these camps have become so common that Mojang Studios created the Minecraft Education Edition. This version of Minecraft is available on a variety of different devices, even devices like the Chromebooks, which notoriously don’t offer support for games or game programs.

The Minecraft Education Editon now has a learning experience that is inspired by Wonder Woman 1984. This learning experience focuses on Wonder Woman as she tries to solve the MakeCode coding puzzles and explore various game design concepts.

This experience also features a story that has Wonder Woman as she tries to recover a stolen priceless painting.

In this fantastic learning experience, there are a total of five different activities that can be completed in random order.

The first activity listed is called the Dance Floor, which has the player and Wonder Woman matching the color on the walls with the colors on the floor. Helping Wonder Woman complete this activity allows both the player and Wonder Woman to advance further in this lesson!

The second activity is called the Beams of Color; in this activity, players and Wonder Woman must place the stained glass over the beams of light to match the correct color sequence, which is displayed on the wall.

The third activity is different from the previous two, and The third activity is the Stealth Mission. This activity sees the player helping Wonder Woman navigate through the room without triggering the alarm by avoiding the lasers.

The fourth activity has both the player and Wonder Woman searching through crates and finding the missing painting piece. Players will need to break the box that holds the missing puzzle piece.

The final activity, or the fifth activity, has the player and Wonder Woman apprehending the art thief. Wonder Woman ends up checking each gala attendee to figure out which is the goon in disguise and then use the lasso of truth.

This is all done to find where the criminal mastermind has hidden the final piece of the painting is located within the gala itself.