Madison LeCroy Dishes on Off-Camera Altercation Between Austen Kroll and John Pringle Over Her as Southern Charm Star Admits She “Loved” It

Austen Kroll and John Pringle of Southern Charm almost came to blows over Madison LeCroy, and she thought it was rather “charming.”

Austen and Madison have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for a couple of years, and although they were “on” during the November 19 episode, John (whom the cast calls Pringle) took his shot at Madison anyway, which unfortunately for the viewers, took place off-camera.

Madison says that several friends and cast members were hanging out at Austen’s house and Pringle was fairly carefree after being “over-served.” He was so carefree that he actually leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I’m just conflicted about my relationship with Austen and how I feel about you,” which Austen actually overheard.

The situation might have started with a whisper, but it undeniably ended in a screaming match between Pringle and Austen, which the Trop Hop founder described to Craig Conover in a clip shared by Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m sitting right here and you’re in my house and you’re telling her that you’re kinda into her,” Austen intensely explains. “And then what I hear is, ‘I’m conflicted between my feelings between you and between him!’ Yeah, I f**king lost it.”

Madison confirms the squabble, and she and Kathryn Dennis described what went down to the other ladies in the group.

“Austen stands up and he’s like, ‘Get the f**k out of my house!’’” Madison dramatically explains. “Me and Kathryn were like, ‘What?’ And then Austen’s like, ‘What are you doing talking to her like that?’”

Pringle apparently responded in a very intimidating manner by saying, “Don’t you ever f**kin’ talk to me, boy,” which the blonde beauty dubs his “dad voice,” and it obviously began to make her a little nervous because she immediately told Austen to “sit down.”

Although she clearly didn’t want to see a psychical altercation ensue, Madison confesses that she was “flattered” and a little “turned on.”

“I loved it,” she admits in a confessional. “I was like, ‘Oh, now I’m [going to] sit back and watch them fight for me!’”

The two men might have argued over Madison, but in a recent interview with The Daily Dish podcast, Austen claims that Pringle was not a factor in their relationship at all.

“I will say that John Pringle has no bearing or effect on Madison and my relationship in one single iota,” he explained. “Obviously, the new guy thinks that Madison is hot. OK, cool! So does everyone else. I’m not gonna play this role of like, ‘hey, you can’t talk to her.’ That’s just not what I’m gonna do.”

Although fans are still witnessing Austen and Madison’s relationship play out on the show, it appears that the two have split once again. He’s been describing their relationship as “shaky” in recent interviews and Madison has been spotted with a new man named Zack Lee.