KUWTK: Rob Kardashian Hasn’t Been Required To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support For Over A Year And She Says It’s Her ‘Biggest Flex’ – Details!

As fans know, Blac Chyna is a single mom of two and this is definitely something she is really proud of, especially since she has managed to take care of her kids with no child support! Rob Kardashian’s ex opened up about what she calls her ‘biggest flex’ and now, one insider shares more details about the situation via E! News.

Say what you will about Blac Chyna, but she’s done a decent job navigating motherhood all by herself.

As you are aware, she shares 7 year old son King Cairo with rapper Tyga as well as daughter, Dream, 2, with Rob Kardashian!

And according to Chyna, she is not getting child support from either of her baby daddies.

While that might be seen as a reason to be upset by most, for Chyna, that is her ‘biggest flex.’

During her latest appearance on SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, Chyna explained: ‘Honestly, just taking care of my kids all by myself as a single parent with no child support. I do not get no child support, that is my biggest flex.’

At the time, she obviously did not name drop anyone but one source dished via E! News that ‘In March of last year, a judge ruled that Rob (and actually neither of them) had to pay any child support. That ruling is still in place today and hasn’t changed. Chyna hasn’t asked for support since that time. The fact that she continues to bring up allegations and issues and in this case, which has been determined already, is just not ok.’

The same news outlet also reported back in March that, after the exes came to a custody agreement, Rob Kardashian no longer had to pay child support for his and Blac Chyna’s 2 year old daughter, Dream.

This means that Chyna totally agreed to this.