Jon Gosselin’s Daughter Hannah Finally Comes To His Defense After Accusations He Beat Her Brother Collin

After shocking accusations by both his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, and their son, Collin, that he abused the latter, the other child that lives under Jon Gosselin’s roof, Hannah, came to his defense. That’s right! After Collin posted and deleted a message in which he claimed his dad had punched and kicked him, his sister Hannah is finally speaking out.

That being said, Hannah had nothing but positive things to say about their father, calling Jon a ‘very loving and supportive dad.’

The 16 year old girl released a statement via Daily Mail earlier today, insisting that ‘My dad loves us. He’s never been abusive.’

The teen girl has been living with her dad for about two years, moving with him a bit before her brother who was away at a special facility for behavioral issues for years.

Collin seemed to be doing much better with his dad and sister while their other siblings are still living with their mom, Kate, except for the older twins who are away to college now.

But then, on September, 3, the boy took to social media to write a concerning message that read: ‘Yesterday he beat me and thought nothing of it, punched me in the face and he gave me a swollen nose and I started to bleed. He continued to kick me in the ribs when I was on the floor. He’s a liar.’

Hannah addressed this in her statement as well, telling the news outlet that she was there during the father-son confrontation and that their dad never hit Collin.

A rep for Jon also insisted via HollywoodLife that ‘Jon has never abused Collin. No charges have been filed against him and there is no ongoing CYS investigation. Collin’s endured severe trauma. Jon’s a loving father who’s worked hard to ensure his son gets the support and help that he needs.’