Jameela Jamil Addresses ‘Ridiculous’ Tabloid Reports That She And Meghan Markle Are In Quarantine Together – ‘I’ve Met This Woman Once Ever!’

According to some tabloid reports, Jameela Jamil and Meghan Markle are self-quarantining together! However, Jameela was quick to clap back at this piece of ‘news’ making it very clear that the two of them are not even that close, as she and the former Duchess only met once before!

You might have heard that Jameela Jamil and her boyfriend, musician James Blake have been in isolation with none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle amid this global pandemic!

According to the British tabloids, the two couples are in self-isolation at the latter pair’s new house in Montecito, California.

Well, as it turns out, that could not be any farther from the truth!

She addressed the rumors on her Twitter earlier today, writing: ‘Went to a hotel for a romantic getaway in SB with my boyfriend, and have seen eight days of articles with ridiculous stories, none of which are any consistent, none of which make any sense… (all to now create a lie that she controls me and she coordinates my every move.)’

And since the articles would push this idea that she and Meghan Markle are ‘best friends now living together during lockdown,’ Jameela mocked that part by stressing that ‘I’ve met this woman once ever.’

The Good Place star then stated that she and her loved ones have been targeted and harassed by the press over her decision to publicly support Meghan Markle!

‘Since the first time that I spoke out against the UK (tabloid) media over racist behavior towards her, I have been subjected to press harassment, my family began being harassed and offered a lot of money for dirt on me within a week of my tweet in defense of her. What’s followed has been lies and rumors, set up to discredit me as an individual and to convince people I’m ‘crazy’ to devalue my opinion to anyone who may realize I am right.’

As far as she is concerned, the reports about her and Meghan being in quarantine together has the same goal, of discrediting her opinion!