Georgia Tech smashes COVID-19 piñata after win over Nebraska

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Georgia Tech smashes COVID-19 piñata after win over Nebraska


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It feels like every day provides another scene that falls under the category, “Only in 2020.” Georgia Tech men’s basketball provided the latest entry Wednesday night.

The Yellow Jackets beat Nebraska 75-64 as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. No, it wasn’t Georgia Tech winning a basketball game that was so notable. It was how the team celebrated.

Head coach Josh Pastner pulled out a piñata in the locker room after the game. This wasn’t just any piñata — it was made to look like COVID-19, the scientific structure of the virus itself. And what do you do with a piñata? You smash it (and yes, there was candy inside).

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The Yellow Jackets under Pastner have had a tradition in the past for celebrating road wins: They go to a local gas station for candy. In a pandemic world, waltzing into a gas station isn’t the best option, so Pastner brought the candy to his team.

Khalid Moore, a 6-7 junior who came off the bench to put up 11 points and eight rebounds, got to do the honors. Moore appears to say, “These are the (medicine) ball smashes I’ve been working on,” before chucking the piñata into the ground. It took three good smashes to break the piñata, with a teammate helping out on the clincher.

The video closes with an extreme close-up of senior point guard Jose Alvarado holding five airheads and saying, “I’m an Airhead, you feel me?”

Only in 2020.