Cassie Randolph Gets Restraining Order Against Her Ex Colton Underwood After Allegedly Harassing And Stalking Her!

According to new reports, Cassie Randolph got a restraining order against her ex, Colton Underwood! Apparently, she decided to request one after the man sent her harassing text messages and even went as far as to plant a tracking device in her car!

Based on the documents obtained first by HollywoodLife, one L.A. judge partially signed off on Randolph‘s restraining order request.

Cassie claimed in the papers that her ex has been stalking her, even tracking her movements via a device he attached to her car and she provided picture evidence for it.

She also alleged that Colton has been sending her a lot of harassing text messages and also showing at her apartment in L.A. and at her parents’ house in Huntington Beach, completely uninvited.

As for the reason why the request was partially signed off, it’s because Colton is currently with his own parents in Denver.

The documents were first filed by Cassie on September 11 and Colton is yet to respond to the accusations against him in any way.

A hearing has been set for October 6 but in the meantime, Colton has to stay at least 100 yards away from Cassie, her vehicle and house, her job, school and her relatives’ homes!

The restraining order also stops him from further harassing, attacking, threatening or assaulting her in any way.

Cassie’s lawyers stated in her filing that ‘Mr. Underwood admitted he was the one who put the tracker in her car and had been sending messages to her, her friends and to himself, under alias phone numbers. [M]s. Randolph fears for her own safety and the safety of her family members and friends and wants to ensure the harassment and stalking cease when he returns to Los Angeles in the coming days.’

The documents go on: ‘Mr. Underwood watches Ms. Randolph’s apartment in Los Angeles. He admitted to his roommate and roommate’s girlfriend that he goes on multiple walks every day to Ms. Randolph’s apartment building. Ms. Randolph and several of her friends have indeed seen him around Ms. Randolph’s apartment from the balcony.’