Candace Owens Lets The World Know That Kanye West Has Been Locked Out Of His Twitter Account By The ‘Twitter Gods’

Candace Owens sent a message to the world coming from Kanye West. This brought a lot of haters in the comments throwing shade at her.

Someone said: ‘GREAT NEWS!! The Twitterverse has some sanity after all. Kanye needs some psychiatric treatment and not a Twitter account.’

There were also people who showed support for Kanye as well.

A commenter said: ‘Twitter decided they value their relationship w/ Universal & Sony more than one of the platform’s most important users.’

Someone said: ‘The Grammy in the toilet rocked the collective boat of the Entertainment-Propaganda industry a little too hard. No doubt some phone calls were made.’

A follower said: ‘What happened to freedom of speech or is it limited to only people with views that align with the tech companies?!?’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘Don’t be having those black men getting Ideas of their own now. We spent a good long time getting them to all think the same. -The left.’

Someone else believes that ‘They ALWAYS want to censor the ones they can’t control. Especially when they have influence and shun the mainstream narrative! #FreeKanye.’

A commenter said: ‘If I were Kim I wouldn’t want another woman speaking on behalf of my husband …. but that’s none of business.’

Recently, it’s been revealed that Candace Owens argued that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was ‘pandering’ by letting Cardi B interview him prior to the presidential election coming this November but the outspoken rapper did not hesitate to clap back at the conservative political activist.