Brian Austin Green: Hanging Out With Fling Tina Louise Reportedly ‘Makes Him Happy’ – Here’s Why!

In the aftermath of his Megan Fox divorce, Brian Austin Green has been spending a lot of time with Tina Louise although it’s still unclear what kind of relationship the two have. Regardless, one insider report claims to know that being with the model makes the actor really happy and why!

Allegedly, Brian is head over heels with the blonde beauty as they continue to be in each other’s company a lot even though a previous report claimed they put an end to their fling back in July.

But the source tells HollywoodLife that Brian and Tina are still hanging out a lot and that the main reason why he can’t get enough of her is her positivity!

‘Brian appreciates that Tina is such an easy-going person. She is always smiling and lifts his spirits — she is such a positive energy to be around. He is really taking things one day at a time but he is definitely into Tina. She has been a breath of fresh air. They never stopped seeing each other. They have been casually dating over this summer and Brian makes time to spend with Tina whenever he can,’ the source dished via the news outlet.

Of course, Brian has been spending a lot of time with his sons as well ages, 4, 6 and 7 in the aftermath of his and Megan Fox’s separation.

Another source claimed that Brian loves being around the model because they have managed to build a really strong friendship.

‘Tina makes him happy. They have great conversations and there’s no stigma to what the two have and what they’re trying to make happen. They’re friends first and the rest just comes naturally. Even if they did not work out romantically, they’d still be friends because Brian is not petty and he has healthy relationships with all the women in his life,’ they explained.